Everything starts with a childhood dream. In my case, this rule is not an exception. At an age of 5 years instead of playing with toys, something else appeared, something called a piano and instead of bedtime stories -Nocturnes of Chopin, the direction for the formation of this dream took the form of a musical sound. In the initial period of familiarization with piano I wrote my first “composition” in C major, called “family “. Fortunately, only the name remained. Then, on the one event not connected with the music, I said the words in front of a big audience that my dream was to be a “composer “. But after the first gust, 10 years passed, during that time the only option was to develop my piano skills, that was undoubtedly a priority for me for many years. But the idea, even with great desire to embody it, had no chance of not materialize, and no matter how much time passed. The realization of dreams started in class improvisations, which formed the basis of skills that gave the first freedom of thought, embodied in the sound, the freedom, which had direct relevance to the improvisation, that sometimes is difficult to tame withing a single image. This is a long step, and the new results are presented here.