“Sometimes words need music, but music does not need anything.”
(Edvard Grieg)

Based on my own interpretation of this phrase, this section “About Me”, followed by my music, which is not an autobiography, but it just says more about what I put into every note, every sound that played, every image and all of the music Overall – about the Soul. “About Me” – a story that transforms my own “I” – in the way of musical narrative. Of course, the basis of this narrative account of my impressions obtained in the course of life, endowed with quite different emotions, but transformed through feelings,that were created in my mind earlier, as the inspiration leads to play the piano. I do not know whether it is the beginning of my way or the middle of composing, because in art there is no periods of time, but there is a spiral, giving the starting point of an infinite path, which for me will always symbolize the begining: new experiences, new sounds, new inspiration and new music . But I can not say the same about the playing,this part of my creative essence of the segments is definitely placed in a spiral of improvement.

Big heart:

Cold passion:

Cold sea:







The time is gone: